1 months old baby

Question: My baby boy is 27 days old, he cries inconsolably before & after passing urine. I make sure to dry him immediately.what can be the reason & please suggest remedies

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Question: My baby is 42 days old. Everytime he cries before passing urine. What can be the reason?
Answer: Passing urine in sleeping position is not easy and crying before passing urine is very common in babies as they are giving indication. If baby passing urine more than six to seven times a day then its normal and don't worry.
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Question: My 45 days baby cries before passing urine what might be the reason
Answer: Hello... Dear it is a sign of dehydration, since you are in breastfeeding, should have adequate amount of water, and apply coconut oil on babys scalp, don't let it to be dry..
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Question: My baby boy cries a lot before urinating. After passing urine only, he feels good. What is the reason for the pain and please suggest any remedies.
Answer: While bathing him pour good amount of water on his private parts. Pat dry. Also check for rashes or redness in the area
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