8 years old baby

Question: My baby boy is 7+but his height is not good .he is very slim also.what can I do to increase his height.

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Answer: Hello! Height comes with the genes. Hence there is as such no specific way out. Give a balanced diet and there will be an overall development. Add ghee and dry fruits powder. These are very nutritious and also helps to put on weight. Also give Ragi, banana, sweet potato,whole milk curd. These alll are very helpful. Take care
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    Mamta Sardana99 days ago


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Question: My baby 5 yr old but his wait not good. He is soo slim. Plz help
Answer: Hi dear , so a healthy weight of 5 years baby should be anywhere between 16-18kg and if your babys weight is less then this so a healthy diet is important for baby. See a 5 year old baby can be given all the food made at home.Their diet should include cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits etc. vegetables,cooked and smashed alongwith rice or chapathis are definitely to be given. Don't forget to give green leafy vegetables daily.vegetable soup is also Good Digital far as possible vegetarian food is to be given.Ragi too is very good for kids. Instead of sugar, add jaggery .This will definitely keep animea away.never make the child an addict of modern food items like bread,readymade noodles etc
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Question: how to increase my baby boy height?? pls tell me...he is 7 mnths...but he is only 63cm...but in growth chart height for 7 mnths baby is 65.3-73.2....pls suggest me what I have to do. ..
Answer: Hello dear don't worry sometimes this is normal.. As they grew older.. They perfectly fitt into normal weight and height.. You can feed him almond shakes.. Height is majorily dependent on genetics..
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Question: My bAby boy is 9 month 22 days old. His weight is 8.4 kg but he looks very slim.
Answer: Hello! Please don't worry as long as your baby is active and achieving milestone. Weight is just a number, hence be tension free. Tkae I
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