4 months old baby

Question: My baby boy is 3months 18days old. Is hair fall common in this age. Do anyone have same problem. When will new hair come?

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Answer: Yes I also experienced this in my baby's case.... But my friends told me that it will come again after giving his first hair
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Question: Hi dr. My 3months old baby hair fall too much, i should consult pediatriation or is this common in babies
Answer: Hi dear don't worry this used to happen if my baby also the hair does all near about the third of fourth month then it comes back again later. Take care
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Question: My baby is 12days old. Vomiting is common in new borns? When will consult a doctor?
Answer: Hi dear, During ur baby's first few months, vomiting is probably caused by mild feeding problems such as his tummy being too full. Babies vomit often in the early weeks as they adjust to feeding and as their bodies develop. They may get reflux coz the muscular valve at end of the food pipe which keep food in the stomach is still developing. All u can do is give ur baby burp after each and every feed so that he can digest the milk easily.
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Question: My daughter is 5 month old...and she have hair fall problem...so why this happen in this small age
Answer: Its very comn dr.. birth hair will only fall. Do tonsure ur baby hair wil grw..
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