2 years old baby

Question: My baby boy is 2 year he not speak what to do bas mama papa bolta hai ,agar mama bolo papa bolo boloto nhi to bas sararat krta hai or active hai

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Answer: Hello dear... Each baby is different, but generally boys used to speak late when compared with girls.. so don't worry dear, mostly parents with boys will face this issue,please don't compare kids with anyone Da it will hurt them mentally You start talk with your child more and more, make him involved in little discussion,make him to express his thought,it will soon make him to speak well Be patient in teaching new words,in beginning stage, their words, pronounciation will not that much good ,so don't tease them. Make a habit of story telling,daily during bed time,so that he will engaged more to listen new words Join him in any playschool or keep him mingle with kids,so that he will learn new words. If possible you can try speech therapy,trainers will help him to attain the goal..
Answer: Bahut se bache late bolte hai 3-4 saal tak agar phir bi issue ho to doctor se consult karo.
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Answer: hello.. dear dont worry.. All the babies are not same. few talk very fast in early 12 months. but few talk very lately, the same happened with my baby... talk continously with your baby, explain each and every thing to him. put questions continously till he gives the answer. tell your family members names, show some animals and birds in books. try this. he will try to talk completely when he attains two years. All the best.
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Question: My daughter is 2 year 2 months old but she cannot speak properly she only says ma papa Nani mama n Masi what to do
Answer: Don't worry... all kid's are unique... some speak very early by the age of 1.5 yrs and some by 3 yrs... doctors suggestion is to wait till 3 yrs ... try to communicate more with ur little one in expressive way... she will speak very soon...
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Answer: What happen some baby take their time to perform don't worry Zee
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