9 months old baby

Question: Hii my baby boy he 10 months old 2 days left and i introduce ghee to his meal he enjoys but went motions after eating why i happens?

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Answer: Hi,he likes the taste of it but it looks lovely me it is becoming difficulty to digest and hence the baby is passing motion after eating. Try for 2-3 days if it continues than you should hold on and stop giving ghee.In the mean while reduce the quantity of ghee that you are adding and monitor weather it is suiting the baby .Because of course ghee us healthy for the baby.
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    Athmakoori Vinayspoorthi792 days ago

    Thank you

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Answer: Hi Give ur baby not more puree day by day decrese that puree form to solid like give boiled veggies like that bcoz easily chewing to them. Give more calcium foods to ur baby for teeth. Give boiled egg. They eat that very likely.
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