2 months old baby

Question: My baby boy got rashes while wear diaper... which is the best cream i can use everyday whenever he wear diaper...

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Answer: Hi dear, while changing clean the area nicely dry it completely and apply seba med lotion in Da areas where u feel sweat can create rashes . It works like magic.
Answer: Himalaya diaper rash cream is best... Nd you can also apply coconut oil....it is also good
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Question: Which is the best cream for diaper rashes.
Answer: Hello, for diaper rash you can apply diaper rash cream , coconut oil, fresh aloe Vera gel, cornstarch, petroleum jelly, breastmilk, make sure you pat dry your baby’s buttocks and not scrub and use a mild soap while bathing her and clean the baby’s diapers gently. Remember to change diapers often and do not use alcohol-based wipes. Organic yoghurt is good in treating rashes and signs of inflammation. Apply a thick layer of sugar-free yoghurt to your baby’s rash-affected areas and be sure to wipe it away with every diaper change for an effective home remedy.
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Question: Which is the best cream for diaper rashes?
Answer: Coconut oil, its a natural healer.... For preventing rashes two things r imp 1. Right size diaper 2. Use cotton water or water based wipes for baby cleansing. Mother Sparsh water wipes is best as dis is super mild products With this, use pure coconut oil...rashes problem will reduce to 80℅. If you are going outside and baby has to wear diaper for long den only use sudocrem.
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Question: Which cream is best for diaper rashes
Answer: Ezynapi But the best thing to do for diaper rash is stop using wet wipes. Give baby diaper free time. Change diaper every 2 hours and immediately after poop. It's the acid content in poop that usually caused the diaper rash. Wash poop/pee of baby with warm water and pat dry very gently with cotton towel and use cloth diaper at least 4 hours a day
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