Few days old baby

Question: My baby born yesterday. She is crying alot. Why.

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Answer: Hi. Congratulation dear and stay blessed both of you. Your baby has suddenly came out from a packed cozy, silent place to entorely different world, where he was alone before he is now exposed to entirely different world. Swaddling your baby would help. You can find correct swaddeling videos on you tube. Make sure lot of people doesnt enter room where baby is as baby insnt used to of seeing lot of people atall. Make sure that baby gets silent area so that he can feel comfortable. Your body touch would also make your baby feel comfortable and safe. Good luck.
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Question: My baby is 5 mnth 15days she is not taking my brstmilk once she suckd n again she turns her n crying alot .? Why
Answer: You can try milk pump to take out your milk and give to her with another way.
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Question: My baby born yesterday everything is fine but he is continuosly crying. Why this is happening?
Answer: New borns cry a lot if they have stomach pain..they need to poop and the first poop if still not discarded can create stomach pain to the baby. Or baby might be hungry . There are also chances that the baby is not able to suck milk properly. Do not worry. If baby is still crying, do ask a pediatrician immediatly
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Question: Hello my baby is 5 mnths old she i crying alot when she is asleep..
Answer: Hello dear Might be ur baby is feeling hungry, thats why he is not taking proper sleep. As ur baby is small so, after every feed he is passing urine because of which baby again feels hungry. Dont worry just feed ur baby after every 2 hrs will give ur baby calm sleep
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