2 months old baby

Question: My baby body is hotter than before. I think he is suffering from fever.. What to do?

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Answer: Hello ma'am Do check temperature with thermometer, if its 99'F then its ok. If its 100'F then do consult a doctor. But if you feel that baby is not much active as before and temperature is 99'F than do consult your Pediatrician.
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Question: My baby is suffering from fever what to do?
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. You can give baby any fever syrup such as paracetamol. If fever doesn't not come down in one hour you need to give meftalp syrup. Sponging should be done to reduce the temperatures. If fever doesn't control in two days please contact doctor. Take care
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Question: my baby s head is always hotter than other parts of the body...but no fever...is it normal?
Answer: hi dear! dear so normally the baby's head is hot is because the baby might be having calcium deficiency dear. so get it checked with the doctor dear. so that calcium is given to the baby dear! take care! i hope this information was useful to you .
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Question: Hi my baby is 14 months old he is suffering from fever what can i do at other than medicine
Answer: Hello, I think its better you go to a pediatrician and for further medication.
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