6 months old baby

Question: My baby as ear infection pus is oozing out from 3 days kindly suggest is it ok if pus comes out

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Answer: I already met the Ent doctor he asked me give crocin and timnic drops still pus is oozing out
Answer: no it is not ok go to pedestrian.
Answer: please show doc
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Question: 49 days old baby girl suffering for ear infection comes out
Answer: hi dear!so dear the best way is to take her to an ent just because and ent has special instruments that helps us to see the infection inside very clearly. to make things better for the treatment.
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Question: Hi I have seen pus in my babies ear.. I am worried.. Does anyone know why pus comes from ear and is it serious?
Answer: hi dear! when there is problem with the ear drum due to pressure there can be fluid buildup which can lead to infection and therefore the pus comes out through the ear. so for this your baby will need ear drops dear. you need to visit and ent dear so that the ear can be checked dear. dont worry it can be solved. take care dear.
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Question: My baby is having mucus type thing in her ear, it comes back after 3 days, what's the problem her ear is ok na?
Answer: Hellodear it seem yur baby might be having ear infection it is better to take yur baby to pediatrician or an ENT specialist let him check yur baby n prescribe medication. Take care
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Question: Hi, my 24 days old baby got navel infection, pus is coming from it. Pls suggest what to do
Answer: If pus is stinky then please take the baby to pediatrician.he will suggest some proper medication . As of now nobremedy will work for your baby. It's all because of not taking proper care of the area when cord falls.
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