3 months old baby

Question: My baby 3 and half month old baby he is sleep whole day not sleep night how to change it?

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Answer: This happened to my baby till the 6th months. I tried to keep the baby awake in the evening time so that she can sleep at night. I hope this helps
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Question: my baby 45 days old does not sleep at night..while sleep whole day ..how to change the cycle
Answer: As your baby is already 3mnths he can easily differentiate between day and night. Try to carry out all your day activities around your baby and during night keep things silent. Fix a bed time routine for your baby. Start with a soothing massage followed by sponge bath. Put on his night dress. Dim the lights og the room. Don't engage your baby in any activity. Follow the routine for 1 month soon he ll adjust to this routine and will sleep at due hours.
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Question: My 20 days baby sleep whole day and awake whole night..how to change this habbit
Answer: It will change over the time....my little girl was same like this she won't sleep whole night nd sleeps a little in day ....now she is 3 month old n she sleeps at night...at a stretch of 3-4 hrs sometimes 5 hrs....nd in day time as well she sleeps nd play.... So give Ur baby time she / he will state sleeping at night. Right now the baby is too young to understand the day night cycle.... Don't worry ...happy parenting ..
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Question: My baby is 3 and half month old and he is premature babyhe doesn't sleep whole night and sleep less in day time.what to do to make him sleepy whole night?
Answer: All babies are live ur baby they all sleep at day time and doesn't sleep at night After 4-5 month it will become normal
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