3 months old baby

Question: My baby always used to place her hand fingers in mouth.. I can't able to control that.. Please suggest an idea

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Answer: Remove her fingers all time when she put her fingers inside the mouth. Even after 6 months also it repeats apply neem oil or neem paste for fingers.
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Question: My 3.5 months old baby continuously putting her left hand in mouth..Please suggest something to stop her doing that..
Answer: Let her put it no problem. For few days or few months they do so. After that they stop it themselves. If not, apply something bitter to her fingers
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Question: My child always keeps his fingers in her mouth?
Answer: It's habit of infants. If you are not against pacifier use it it's much better to suck pacifier than to chew fingers
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Question: Hi.. My baby always put her hand in mouth. Whether her tummy is fukkor not. Ahe always keep her fingers in her mouth and suck like she is very hungry. What is the reason.
Answer: Hi dear Babies sucking finger dosent mean they are hungry...by keeping the fingers in mouth they feel safe and secure...clean the fingers with warm water at intervals
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