2 months old baby

Question: My baby always sleeping putting his head side when we put pillows on sides to straight he wakes up.. is it ok..? People said that if baby turns his head side head will grow improper shape is it true?

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Answer: Hi there is nothing to worry because the let the baby sleep in the position the baby is comfortable sleeping in it is ok with baby sleeps on side do not worry about the shape of the head because it will get into its normal shape as the baby grows up
Answer: Before putting the baby to sleep on the bed place the pillow on bother side and make baby sleep. Also massage the baby's head with coconut oil it will help the baby's head to be in shape
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Question: My baby is 3 months and 20 days. He mostly turns his head to left side while sleeping and his head too is flat on the left side which he turns is this normal? The head shape?
Answer: Hello dear. You need to ensure that baby's head is straight to keep it in right shape. You can use RAI pillow which is easily available in market. I made it at home. It keeps the head straight. Hope it helps
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Question: My baby always turns his head on the right side. However hard i try to make it straight again he turns on his right. Is it normal??
Answer: Yes absolutely normal. My baby did the same. I too really get confused. Don't worry mom. Don't interrupt their actions.
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Question: Hi my baby put his neck left side but turns it side ways when lying flat tummy up
Answer: Hi dear. babies just keep their head on one side just out of habit so you will have to change your baby is a habit you sit on the another side and attract your baby with toys and talk to your baby so eventually your baby will have to turn to another side and her habit of keeping her neck on single side will go away .
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