4 months old baby

Question: My baby always rub her eyes . What should be the reason?I m applying kajal on her eyes

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Answer: Don't apply Kajal dear...
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Question: My baby always use to rub his eyes. What could be the reason?
Answer: Check of baby is having teary eyes all time. That tears are rolling down from his eyes then see an ophthalmologist it is just a duct blockage that corrects by massaging the eye corners downwards toward the node opening But if baby's ever are very dry then he is trying to rid of mucus that forms. So I will advise to wipe his eyes thrice a day with lukewarm water and soft muslin cloth and Se the difference over a week. Take care.
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Question: My 8th month old baby rub her eyes frequently......what will b the reason....she z premature n was on ventilation for 15 days....i apply homemade kajal into her eyes...plz tell the reason...
Answer: Hi,it is better to stop applying Kajal ,or putting anything on to baby s eyes as it is not advisable.if the baby continues even after that you should consult the Dr.
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Question: My baby always rub her eyes ..
Answer: Ho don't worry it could be just out of habbit as if there was infection or allergy than there also waould be some discharge. So don't worr if the problem still.persisg you should come consult your Dr.
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