4 months old baby

Question: My baby always keeping his hands in mouth even after feeding from 3 days.. What could be the reason? How can I help him

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Answer: Don't worry dear. Babies keep there hand in mouth because they don't know anything what they are doing. Even my baby also doing same thing. Some babies keep because of habit or some may leave after 6months. But I used to keep my baby busy by showing her different types of colours or playing with her. U can also do the same thing. Njy ur motherhood😊
Answer: Hi, when babies have natural rooting and sucking reflexes, can cause them to put their fingers or thumb into their mouths.sometimes it could be due to soothing, hunger or teething.it is normal at this age.better to give soft toys or teether and please maintain good hygiene.you may try to distract by giving toys.take care of baby
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Question: I m in my 9th month and I could see baby movements are very very less. I could only feel small move and there are no kicks from two days. Can you please suggest what might be the reason.?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy When baby grow uterus also grow nd baby gets enough space to move .dear after 32 weeks mumma should feel 10 movements per day .dear count ur babies movement if ur babies movement r 10.nothing to worry abht if movements r less than 10 consult to ur gyno .
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Question: My baby is 8 days old, his lips has turned black from pink. Although i do clean his lips after every feed. What can be cause and how i can prevent it?
Answer: Don't worry make sure to clean lips with red or pink cloth after every feed,as he grows his lip colour turns into pink colour, don't worry
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Question: 2 years old baby doesn't eat anything from 5 days what could be the reason?
Answer: May be because of indigestion. Please consult a doctor.
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