3 months old baby

Question: my baby always finger suck karti hay...hat hatane ki kosis karti hoon to bohut rone lagte hay....kya karu?

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Answer: That is normal during infant period, it usually get off as soon as they grow or maybe the baby is hungry breastfeed the baby.
Answer: It is normal my baby is 4month old and he did the same
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Question: My 4 month old boy baby always put his finger to mouth and suck.. how to change this habit?
Answer: Dear Newborn babies use their mouth, as well as their hands, to find out about he world around them. They can feel with their lips and tongue, and taste, and smell. Of course they can feel with their fingers too, and their fingers and hands are very convenient to put in their mouth. It probably evolved that way so that they have the instinct to eat. Just give him some teether or toy which he can put in mouth and chew as it can also be a sign of teething .
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Question: My baby suck finger always. I was applied neem oil but no use. Give some.tips
Answer: Please place a teether. Babies suck fingers as their teeth start growing. They ll have itching there. Inorder to relieve from such itching they use their fingers. This will cause two problems. They may hurt their fingers and they may get infections due to the same. Better buy some theethers and sterlize them every now and then.
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Question: My baby always use to suck her finger.. She is only 4months old.. Is it normal...???
Answer: Hello dear Don't worry as ur baby is learning motor skills. Its good for baby's. They are learning new things and It is called development milestone. Just wash ur baby's hands at a different time interval.
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