9 months old baby

Question: My baby age 8 months 20days... Water motions ..plz provide tips

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Answer: Give ORS solution to the baby....it will prevent the dehydration
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Question: Hi my baby age 15 months, can i give tender coconut water, for him motions now.
Answer: Yes you can give tender coconut to your baby. During loose motion it restores minerals, water and salt. It hydrates your baby's body better than any other energy drink. He will feel energetic after drinking this.
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Question: My baby age 8 months, please suggest how much drink water he needs
Answer: Hii dear baby at the age of 8th months need almost 2 to 3 ounce of water in 24 hours time. It may also varied due to baby more of milk intake. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: My baby 8 months old she has loose motions plz tell medicine
Answer: Hi. Sorry but i cant tell any medicine over here but as home remedy you can definetely try some. 1.give your baby banana this will help baby in loose motions one banana would be enough more may cause cinstipation. 2. Give your baby moong dal.khichdi this also helps a lot in constipation. 3. Avoid oats and ragi for 2-3 days. 4. Give your baby enough water or ORS water to have. Good luck.
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