3 years old baby

Question: My baby 3years old very week

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Answer: Hi give her all the homecooked food such roti Partha veggies fruits dry fruits legumes veggies nuts peanut beans rice dal kichadi oatmeal Partha veggies fruits dry fruits legumes nuts peanut cereals pulses milk and milk products sprouts whole grains bread butter other dairy products dates which helps take care
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Question: my 3years old daughter is very naughty
Answer: Enjoy her naughtiness dear, u should b happy u have given birth to a naughty princess
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Question: Hi.. my daughter is 3years old she has facial hair, im very much worried about that,
Answer: apply a paste of red masoor dal while bathing. this helps reduce facial hair
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Question: My son is 3years old and he takes healthy diet but he is very slim and he looks very small.
Answer: You need to give following to your child.. At least five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day... Meals based on potatoes, bread, rice, pasta or other starchy carbohydrates.  dairy or dairy alternatives (such as soya drinks and yogurts). Choose lower-fat and lower-sugar options.Some beans and pulses, eggs, meat and other protein. Aim for two portions of fish every week one of which should be oily, such as salmon or mackerel.Unsaturated oils and spreads can be eaten in small amounts. Plenty of fluids , including milk..you can skip the non vegetarian part, if you are a vegetarian.. 
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