2 years old baby

Question: My baby 30month old. But only speak baba papa cheez small word only. Not speak average baby what can I do. He speak one sentence

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Answer: Baby is suffering from a lack of stock of word. You have to spend more time with your child and use any particular language to communicate with you baby and also baby should listen rhymes and stories in that language. This help to develop communication skill. If you want you can consult any speech therapist regarding the same.
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Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy When baby grow uterus also grow nd baby gets enough space to move .dear after 32 weeks mumma should feel 10 movements per day .dear count ur babies movement if ur babies movement r 10.nothing to worry abht if movements r less than 10 consult to ur gyno .
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Answer: U must feed him .as the child grows older he may have many changes no need to wrry it is normal
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