Few days old baby

Question: My baby 2nd day.he is crying alot all the night .what can I do???

Answer: Hello dear. Babies usually cry at night times due to hunger. Check the clock, and if it's been two or three hours since the last feeding, your baby is probably waking up to tell you she/he needs to be fed. If this dosent help please contact your pediatrician. Take care.
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Question: My baby is 12 days old.he didn't sleep all night and crying what can i do
Answer: The baby will not sleep till he is 2-3 months Try this don't let him sleep in the daytime play with him all the day then he may be sleep in night
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Question: my baby is crying alot today.. what should i do
Answer: Hie Babies cry mostly in the following cases 1. They are hungry Always feed your baby before they cry for it take the cue they put hands in mouth pull ears or look around 2. They are over stimulated A lot of development is happy inside your tiny baby and hence lots of rest is required as well 3 . To sleep They can't put themselves to sleep in this new environment and need your help 4. Body ache As they are pretty much lying on the bed most of the time body pain is given Massage your baby 2-3 times a day and stretch his arms and legs this would releive gas,body ache , strengthen bones and improve blood circulation 5. Indigestion Wat you eat may have traces in your breast milk gas triggers, sour fruits and food difficult to digest should be avoided while breastfeeding as it may lead to indigestion, vomiting or loose motion in babies 6 gas As they don't perform much of activity gas can be a problem in babies Always burp them after feed and keep them upright for 15-20 mins While massaging your baby massage his tummy well and give bycycle legs to pass gas if any If baby is crying and pulling legs towards stomach it is probably due to gas apply a thin paste of hing and water around baby's naval area , rub your hands to create warmth and apply your hand on his stomach area 7. Constipation It is common among breast feeding baby to poop after every feed or post 4 days Beyond 4 days is a concern ensure you offer extra breast feed to avoid constipation and massage your babys tummy 2-3 times a day to relieve constipation or gas troubles 
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Question: My baby crying alot this days at night i don't know what to do
Answer: Baby generally do like that only. Try 5S technique. Kid might be having colic . U can try colicaid. You can also try to massage him and make him fresh If my answer was helpful then give me thumbsup
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