3 months old baby

Question: My baby 2 month 15days she have fungal infections in mouth doctor suggested mouth paint is it safe use daily or not pls tell me the doctor

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Answer: Dear baby is small so using doctor prescribed medicines are completely safe to use dont worry.. also was and wipe your nipples properly before feeding your baby...
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Question: Is it safe to use mouth paint for my baby
Answer: Hi...its perfectly safe if adviced to use by a pediatrician for the underlying problem...i used it for my baby as prescribed by the doctor...
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Question: My baby is 2 month old having thrush.. Plz tell me how to use candid mouth paint.???
Answer: Hi dear. Smear a very little amount on toungue with a clean finger. Don't go near the throat
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Question: My baby 3monthes 15days can i use Bonnisan drops in daily its safe or not
Answer: Bonnison & bonnispaz are two such drops which are herbs and not really as dangerous. I have not only prescribed it to other people but also used it for my own child. Bonispaz is better than Bonnison. Having said that, these medicines are not much affective when it comes to managing colicky on daily basis. You must know 95% of the infants suffer from colikys in the earlier days of their lives. It can extend from 3months to 6 months, in some cases it may aswell extend until 9 months. An infant's stomach is very new to the kind of feed we give, so until it gets used to the feeding, until it knows how to take the feed without taking air in, until it knows how to relieve itself of the gases n all, you will have to help. The tips offered in above comments mighy help. In addition to that, focus on what you eat and how your baby reacts to it in daily basis. You will understand the pattern. Make sure you don't have gastric issues yourself, address them ASAP. Drink plenty of fluids - 5 - 6 lit per day.
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Question: My doctor suggested me to use xevor tablet for itching, is it safe or not?
Answer: Hi Dear! If ur Dr. has prescribed the medicine it shud be safe fr you to hv, hence u can hv the same.. Hope this helps!
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