2 months old baby

Question: My Baby 2 month old she is not suck Breast milk ...she wants only Bottle milk(formula milk) that's why I feel reduce my Breast milk .what can I do for Breast milk feed?

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Answer: Have food like spinach carrot meat nuts eggs almonds salmon fish bitter guard Adding garlic fenugreek seeds sesame seeds in your daily diet chart Drumsticks chia seeds milk ridge guard oatmeal lentils bitter guard paneer increase the breast milk production
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Question: My baby is 2 month 24 days old ,now she do not suck my breast , what will i do ?
Answer: Hi dear, this is the common issue we face with infant I can suggest you tips, hope it will help. Keeping feed times positive is important to help your baby keep a positive association with them. This can be hard to do as breast refusal can be very stressful. It’s easy to get quite upset and angry when trying to feed a baby who is refusing. Spending lots of time in skin-to-skin contact with your baby on your bare chest can help to remind your baby that this is a nurturing place to be. This could be on a bed or in a bath etc. Skin-to-skin contact can help your baby to use his instincts to find your breasts on his own. In this way, skin-to-skin contact can take the pressure off both of you. It’s like you’re saying to your baby ‘Well, there is your food, go get it if you want it.’ Similarly, placing your baby in a sling and leaving your bra undone so that his face is near your breast could help
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Question: My baby is one month ...she doesnt suck my breast for feed ...what to do..
Answer:   It's normal dear.. In the beginning baby will latching issue and they will not have how to latch. So you need have little patience.. Keep trying offer breastmilk.. After trying on one point of time baby get correct latch so baby will continue dribk milk.. You can try feeding in different positions. The best position is make you  baby close to your arms and then feed baby feel secured,check baby is getting sufficient milk flow, do not use any body lotion, perfumes. Sometimes because of smell babys reject the breast milk. Keep trying he will take dear. You are feeling Palin express the milk and feed your baby in tiny spoon very small quantity dear. You can use manual pumping machine. Give a hot massage to your breasts gives relief from pain. Drink lots of water dear. Keep trying dear.
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Question: My 2 year boy is only feed breast milk not other milk what can i do
Answer: Hi! If you are breastfeeding, the pressure to start cows milk is less. Start with about 30 ml in a glass or sipper/ straw bottle. Don't worry about the quantity. It takes time for baby to like the taste of cows milk. If at all. You can instead give things like curds and paneer that most babies like. Cows milk is basically like a good snack. My daughter at 2+ is finally having about 150 ml a day. And many days she's not interested in it either. Don't mix anything in the milk. Let baby get used to taste on its own. Don't mask it with sugar or any complan etc.
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