Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby 10 days old,what are the BCG vaccination reactions? How to know doctors given BCG vaccine to my baby?

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Answer: First dr. Will give you vaccination card in which it mentioned that which tika he has given and there is no reactions shows in BCG vaccination only After sometime in the arm it will visible like pimple...
Answer: After some days you will notice a bump on the baby's arm(top). It may also contain pus..but please do not try to pinch it...it shows that your BCG vaccine has worked.
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Question: The BCG vaccine is required to be given to baby within how many days of born?
Answer: Hi, it should be given immediately after birth or if not done then upto one year after birth.
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Question: I want to konw that vaccination of 6 weeks how much time valid.actually my baby is 54 days old and i hav given only bcg vaccine till now.
Answer: U can give now as soon as possible. 45 days injection na? Consult ur doctor
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Question: After first vaccination (45 days) what are the reactions??
Answer: Fever, pain, swelling and lots of cry. I am facing it today 😔
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