11 months old baby

Question: My babu is 10 month old he wakes up so many times in night. In night i change the diaper also before going to sleep around half hr before giving colic aid also his dinner tym is also around 8 and when i offered bf he is not drinking only take 2 3 ship and again go to sleep what to do that he sleep well in night

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Answer: It's normal in some kids. Slowly it should stop. Feed him well before sleep, that should help.
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Question: My baby is 2months old... He is having a lot of gas issues... I am giving him colic aid drops the EZ one but its not helping much... I give 0.5ml at night when he cries a lot after which he sleeps for an hr and then again cries n passes gas in every few minutes during night time... He also struggles n pushes a lot to pass stool also at night.... Is there any way to ruduce the gas issue n is it safe to give colic aid drops... Can we apply hing paste around the navel area n massage, will it cause any skin issue to baby or will it help?
Answer: Hello dear, same problem with my baby.cycling exercise krvao daily baby ko.it helps alot .
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Question: Hi. My baby is 13 months now. He still wakes up alot at night for breastfeeding.. he is teething right now.i feed him well before sleeping. He eats dinner.. but still wakes up alot.. pls suggest something
Answer: Assalamualikum nathing my dear dont worry ur played him to before sleeping well then ur child will not wake up in mid night
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Question: My baby is crying in the middle of the night very badly, after giving colic aid only he stopped crying...from last two days its happening. Why?
Answer: Hello! Probably the baby is having gas problem. Please check if the baby is passing stools properly or not and getting motions clear. Also try to feed the baby something light which is not difficult to digest. You can give curd or buttermilk for better digestion also. Take care
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Question: What kind of food should I give in dinner to help him feel full and sleep better at night. He demands bf every hour or so in night.
Answer: Baby is growing and his appetite too. It is quite normal and good that he is taking feed every 2 hours. Just feed him. Keep ur diet healthy to produce enough milk. Be happy. He is attached to you and addicted to bf now. Make sure he is not feeling cold in this winter. If he does, he won't sleep and would continue asking for bf. My boy is very similar to yours in this case.
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