2 months old baby

Question: My Babies used to sleep on her side.. Does it create any bad affects on her ???

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Answer: Hello dear it will not create any problem but use mustard pillow baby head shape can be change.
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Question: Can we allow babies to use walker, does it create any leg pain for baby
Answer: Hello If yur baby can do below things then there is no harm in using walker. Trust me for both my kids I have used walker n I had no issues. Many ppl will give many reasons but yu are mother n yu have to decide what is good for yur baby. Scientifically there is absolutely no problem in using walker. Dear there's no precise month specifically because all babies develop otherwise and at totally different rates. I waited until my daughter was around eight months perhaps closer to nine, I waited until she was sitting up really well on her own and had excellent upper body strength. You do not need your baby to keep falling forward and smashing their face on the toys or tray of the baby walker or hurting themselves. Thus when your baby sits up for long stretches by themselves and you feel comfy try the walker out. Do not expect the baby to try too much 'walking' directly. Also yur baby should take weight on her legs like standing with support then definitely yu can try walker. Good luck and have fun, you're coming with lots of fun new stages...crawling, walking, etc. It's nice seeing them do new things n stop believing everything yu listen dear
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Question: My babey always used to sleep on her tummy side is it safe for her please guide..
Answer: Hi dear, Ideally most babies need to sleep on their back ,not even on sides atleast till 6 months,till babies learn to roll over.but sleeping on back is preffered till 12 months.there are risks babies sleeping on sides or on tummy: 1-strain on neck and other muscles,this could give permanent damage to muscles 2-choking or suffocation hazard 3-digestion issues 4- sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) Refer healofy' app for their daily tips on baby care and post pregnancy tips.
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Question: I tend to sleep more on the right side. Will it create any problem for my twin babies?
Answer: Mam better u try to sleep at left... U try for coming weeks...
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