5 months old baby

My babies intake of milk is reducing..wt might be d reason

Hi,you should consult silt your Dr and also see that is it due to milk getting deposited on the tongue than in that case you should take a soft cloth and make it wet and clean the tongue hently
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    geetha katti45 days ago

    Thnk u..any complication

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Question: my baby does Grey stool wat might be d reason
Answer: Hi,is your baby constipated or taking iron supplements could be one of the reason.else it could be that the baby is bit getting sufficient milk as compared to whAt he needs. Else the baby may have some indigestion. You need to inform your Dr so that accordingly Dr may prescribe you the steps to be taken after checking his tummy. Take care
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Question: my Milk is looking watery? WT cud b d reason?
Answer: Hii foremilk(starting flow of milk) is always watery and thin. After 10 mins or so u startted supplying hindmilk which is thik .so this is the difference.u must be checking foremilk.
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Answer: For High BP you need to start Walking if still not started that to atleast 30 minutes and exercise regularly. Exercise is one of the best things you can do to lower high blood pressure but they have to done under the supervision of a certified trainer and should be recommended by your doctor. Also reducing your sodium i. e salt intake. You should be eating more potassium-rich foods. caffeine should be avoided. Stress isn't good for you try doing meditation for that. Hope this helps.
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