Question: my babies doesn't put weight from past 20 days. they are active. they are twin baby girls of 5 months 10 days

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Answer: sometimes it happen. babies are not gaining weight may be due to teething problem. dont worry wait for 1 month and then start solid food. then babies will gain weight.
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Question: Hello i m having twin girls of 10 months. What are the various schemes for them?
Answer: Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme. U can open Samriddhi account in the name of a girl child. From birth till the age of ten, any girl is eligible to have an account opened in her name. The government has also allowed a one-year grace period, thus making 11 years the eligible age. To keep your account active, you need to deposit a minimum of Rs. 1000 in a particular financial year. Failure to do so will make this account inactive. The same can be activated again by paying a penalty of Rs. 50 in addition to the minimum payable amount of Rs. 1000. The maximum amount, which can be invested in this is Rs. 1,50,000 in a year and there are no limits to the number of times you can make these contributions. The total duration of the scheme is 21 years and the money deposited will mature at the end of 21 years from the date of opening. One can even continue to earn interest every year if the account is not closed after completion of 21 years.
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Question: Can I start solids at 5 months 20 days.... My babies are twins born on 37 weeks... They are completely on formula milk because of my health issues
Answer: Hey congratulations finally your baby will be experiencing all delicious foid cooked by you. Its an overwhelming moment for both mother and baby. As baby will be tasting new array of food, breastmilk will still be major part of his diet. For intial few days don't expect your baby to finish of his meal. Its just got him to get used to the taste. Always feed one food item at a time. Don't mix sugar or salt to his food. Baby has never tasted it so he ll never know the difference. Now coming to meal planning- 7-8am Breastmilk 9-10am Breakfast (apple puree/Banana puree/ragi porridge /oats porridge /Barley porridge/Suji kheer 11-1pm Breastmilk 2-3 pm Lunch (rice/ moong dal/ Carrot puree/Potato puree/Pumpkin Puree/Cauliflower puree/Broccoli puree For rest of the day give him breastmilk. Once he is accustomed to the food and all chances of allergy and discomfort is eliminated you can include solids on dinner as well.
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Question: I have twin babies....they are 5 months old...they are not having breast milk
Answer: Hi!! For increasing Breast Milk Supply 1. Satvarex powder twice with milk 2. Methi in any form- methi sabzi, methi seeds with water, kasuri methi, methi laddoo, methi pills 3. Lots of garlic in food and desi ghee 4. Lots of water. Min 1 glass before & after every bf 5. Daliya with milk or oats once atleast 6. Ajwain 7. Zeera and jaggery.. grind together and hv spoonful with milk twice a day 8. Masoor daal 9. Papaya and lots of baby latch as more the baby latches the more milk is produced by your body and if still not helping pls ask the Dr. to suggest formula to feed the baby.. Hope this helps!
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