5 months old baby

Question: My babies body temperature remains always high and he sweats alot

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Answer: Hello dear There can be various reasons for sweaty hands and feet: 1.Babies are often overdressed and the hands and feet are like the temperature gauge and start the perspiration off to cool down the body 2.some babies body are naturally having sweat body 3. Babies do have immature nervous systems which also causes sweating
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Question: Why my babies head feels high temperature not the body
Answer: Yes its normal only No need to worry for that Baby's head warm than rest of body due to larger head surface area, Any temperature above 100 F is fever. Always measures temperature in armpits only. No need to give any fever medicine if fever is below 100 F. If asociated complaints like cough, cold, loose motion It that accordingly. Keep ur baby well hydrated. Baby should pass minimum urine 6-8 times per day
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Question: My body temperature is high always. Is it normal ?
Answer: During pregnancy your body might get heated... Drink plenty of water and eat fruits at regular interval... Avoid spicy foods and chicken.. Take rest
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Question: My babies head is always hot, but body temperature is normal. Can anyone help me out
Answer: No problem dear i also faced this there is no longer issue,u can use til oil on his/her head not on face ok.
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