9 months old baby

Question: My babies are always jumping and climbing on the bed .. even on floor .. both the twins are hitting each other ... Any solution to deal with the problem

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Answer: Dear mommy kids are like that.... V may feel exhausted but those moments can never be experienced further when they grow.... The naughtiness will be shown at this age .... Later on they will be ok.....
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    Rita Joshi839 days ago

    Thank you Manisha

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Answer: Hi dear, you are blessed with a double happiness so double congratulations my dear friend, don't worry my dear friend my baby also always had sweaty hands and my doctor told me that it is just because they sweat glands are more active in babies is so don't worry about the same. and green poop must be due to in balance of formal and Hind milk avoid switching breast during the seeds and if you are giving any kind of iron supplements to your baby aur taking any iron supplements then also baby can poop in green colour, but if baby is pooping in green color since many days then it could be infection , in this case take a baby for checkup. Tc
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Answer: Hi! My son also did the same. I ordered head protector from Amazon.in it's a cap filled with foam/ cotton and protects my son's head.
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