3 months old baby

Question: My babies are almost 3 months twins, i m feeding them formula, can mix two different brand formula like morning simlac and night nan?

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Question: Hi All, My twin babies are 45 days old. I am pumping and feeding them at times. Can i mix breast milk and formula and can i feed my babies??? Or should i feed them breast milk and top up with formula separately? Formula was prescribed by doctor
Answer: Hello dear.. give them fm and bm separately. It is not advised to mix both as they have differnt time to discard. Formula milk should not be kept for more than one hour and breast milk at room temperature spoils. Breast milk can be used for 4 hours if kept in fridge. So better to give separately Hope i was helpful
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Question: I delivered twins n my babies are underweight can I give them formula milk
Answer: breast milk is the healthiest form of milk you can give to your baby and It helped have all the nutrients which is required for proper growth of baby so please focus on giving up breast milk only and drink jeera water daily so that your milk supply will not be insufficient for both your babies.
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Question: I have 3 months old babies . I have twins . Can i do facial , pedicure. My babies are having both formula milk and breast milk .
Answer: Hi..Yes, u can go to parlor as there is no harm in doing facial and pedicure. But be very careful as ur stitches has just healed up. So before starting anything inform parlor ladies that u got delivery 1 month before and they should be extra careful towards u.
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