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Question: My babe is 79 days old. She is suffering from cradle cap. what is the home remedy for it. Kindly suggest me in English pls

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Answer: cradle is the skin that stick to the baby scalp which doesn't clean after birth. it more like flakey skin. use luke warm coconut oil and soak the scalp ever day n use a baby hair brush to gentle brush around the area. slowly it will came off. you need to repeat the step for 30 days or less till it clear.
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Question: What is d remedy for cradle cap in baby. It is spreading all over head for my baby. Pls suggest
Answer: First, gently massage your baby's scalp with your fingers to loosen the scales. Then lightly brush your baby's scalp with a soft brush to further loosen the scales of the cradle cap area(s) and sweep them away. Choose a pure oil like organic olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil.
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Question: my baby is 63 days old. she has much saliva in her mouth. why does it happen and what is the remedy. kindly suggest me in English frnds
Answer: ​Saliva/ drooling and blowing bubbles is common in babies during the phase of development when getting what they need is centered on the mouth.
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Question: My baby is 2months old. She is having cradle cap. What to do for quick remedy???
Answer: Hi cradle cap is thick layer of dry skin which forms on babies head it seems like dandruf but is more thick. To remove craddle cap apply good amount of coconut oil over it let it get soaked for 1 hr. After that make your baby bath with good shampoo and then brush babies hair lightly. In most Case's cradle cap goes by its own. So dont worry. Good luck.
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Question: My baby is four months old. She is having cradle cap. Pls suggest me any solution for this..
Answer: Hi dear cradle cap is very common in small babies. Apply ample amount of hair oil on your baby's head and massage gently for 5 to 10 minutes. Then leave it for another 5 minutes. Brush your baby's hair with very soft bristles baby brush to remove the cradle cap. Then wash with baby shampoo. Repeat this twice in a week, gradually this problem will solved.
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