22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my anomaly scan reports came.all are normal except it's said that small echogenic intracardiac focus seen on left ventricle.. I am very much worried..please help me

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Answer: Mostly 3rd trimester tak report normal ayega. Mostly 30%asian women get this report but in. Usher report of third trimester they do see normal report Hope u. Will too he normal report. Don't stress over it
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    PAYEL MANDAL1096 days ago


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Question: Hi I am 5months pregnant, yesterday I made tiffa scan.. In that report I have seen echogenic cardiac focus noted in left ventricle.. Is this serious issue???? Please tell me the solution...
Answer: Hi dear.even i have the same prob. .doc said that it will not be visible going forward.. .but she asked me for advance tiffa and 2d echo
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Question: My anomaly scan result says one live foetus in breech position and intracardiac echogenic focus isolated soft marker. Please explain as i am really scarrd
Answer: There is nothing to Worry as it is just the calcium deposits or a group of tight muscles which will cause no harm to baby and will disappear after some months when baby will born..your baby is breech, it means he's poised to come out buttocks or feet first. in this case, normal delivery is not possible
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Question: Hii dr can u tell me wat is tiny intracardiac echogenic focus in left ventricle. As I m 18 weeks pregnent and got this while doing anamoly scan
Answer: As far as I know it is a very soft indicator of downs syndrome. However, if there are no other indicators, it should be perfectly fine. Do consult your doctor once, eat healthy and be tension free as much as possible.
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