6 months old baby

Question: my angel is completed six month...I'm advised to give special mix to her twice a day with BM as usual by pead...vil it b sufficient for her

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Question: I'm giving only my breast milk to my baby as she s 25 days old.can I give her nan milk once or twice a day too
Answer: Breast milk is best till six months ,if u r not having issues with supply of milk , please do not give milk from formula...as it can affect ur supply too...the more baby feeds on u ,themore milk you will produce for ur baby. Also ,u will lose all that baby weight faster .:) gud luck ... please like my answer if u find it helpful.Thx
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Question: Can we mix bm and fm at a time in one same feeding .. as my bm is not sufficient i need to top up with fm in same feed . Will it cause any problem to 3 months old baby
Answer: Dont mix bm n fm......if u wnt to feed him or her bm .....dn u can go with two feeds in d whole one in d morning and one at night
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Question: Can i give nan pro I twice a day with breast milk to my 4.5months old baby as breast milk is not sufficient for him??
Answer: Yes dear but plz take d correct advice from ur doc first
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