35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My amniotic fluid is slightly on the lower side. Ehat should i do about it?

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Answer: Hello dear , as your pregnancy progresses the amniotic fluid level comes down...and as long as the doctor doesn't seem concerned about it there's no need to worry...in the last two months even if tje amniotic fluid level is 8.5 it is considered as normal.. however you must keep yourself hydrated.. so drink atleast 2-3 litres of water..
Answer: Hi as the amniotic fluid index ranges between 8 to 18cm. Along with the diet drink plenty of water stay hydrated .Have atleast 4 liters of water daily it will help to increase the amniotic fluid.
Answer: Hi dear. If it's too low, you can ask your doctor for amnio infusion. Which means injecting fluid with help of a intra uterine cetheter
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Question: 30 weeks baby growth and amniotic fluid is slightly on the higher side. What to do?
Answer: Hi, Increase in fluid levels is known as polyhydraminas.It can be mild or severe.Incase of mild not much treatment is required.you will be advised bed rest for a few days and hoopefully excess liquid gets reduced as pregnancy advances.Try and keep sugar levels at optimum. Incase it is severe you will need to undergo investigations to rule out any congenital or genetic abnormality. Treatment with cox 2 inhibitor medication will be prescribed.A procedure called as amnioreduction may be advised too. If the condition gets stabilized then normal delivery is possible too. Please consult your doctor to know your exact situation so as to be well prepared for the treatment and outcome.
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Question: My amniotic fluid is on border lower side. Wat to do?
Answer: Hi dear,just take plenty of water n proper rest..it will help u to increase d fluid level.
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Question: Amniotic fluid level is slightly low.. What should i do
Answer: Daily Take fresh juices and coconut water drink more water regularly
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