40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My amniotic fluid afi is 10-11 during 31weeks is it good

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Answer: ur report must have stated it bold if it was not OK. just chk that n don't worry. keep hydrated. n drink coconut water n forget worries
Answer: Dont worry
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Question: I am having 9.9 cm amniotic fluid is it normal ? Becoz my doctor said amniotic fluid is less so she suggested me for c section
Answer: Dear actually amniotic fluid between 8-10 cm will considered as normal during late pregnancy.but better to follow your doctor instructions because she is the one who knows your condition from first.so not to worry about the type of delivery, just healthy baby important without any complications in this tight situations .take care and all the best dear
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Question: Is an afi between 9-10 considered as low levels of amniotic fluid during 32 weeks pregnancy?
Answer: Yes dear, 32 weeks of pregnancy amniotic fluid level should be around 14. You need to drink more liquid throughout the day and take rest. If any medicine given by doctor take that properly. Hope it helps.
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Question: My afi level is 10 it is normal or not
Answer: real minimum 10 afi is required but it should not go less than that so it means that you should take lots of water to try and improve this at least 8 to 10 classes everyday
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