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Question: My AMH is 1.65 ng/ml is this good for my conceiving for do I have any problem and I have less of hemoglobin count but I'm working on it and tell me is my chance of getting pregnant is good or not

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Question: I'm in my 33rd day of my cycle and I'm getting white discharge...did I have any chance of getting pregnant?
Answer: Dear may be u r pregnant so wait for 6 7 days more then do pregnancy test or go 4 beta hcg blood test by that u ll sure abht pregnancy try it best of luck
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Question: I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I do not have any symptoms of pregnancy. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear its ok some ladies don't have symptoms. I think u would have done level 2 ultrasound.
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Question: Hii my nose has blocked and I'm not getting any smell also food is taste less dry cough leg pain what should I do for blocked nose
Answer: Steam therapy can give u relief from it add vicks on it
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