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Question: My AMH blood level is 0.7 but other report are OK. Is it possible to conceive without any problems

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Answer: Dear not to worry,many women even with low AMH also get pregnant naturally,but better to get one scan to see the number of follicles.according to number of follicles can tell that can conceive naturally or any treatment is required.definitely you will become pregnant and be positive .
Answer: Dear the blood level is quite less like below 1 you have lesser chances of conceiving although miracles do happen so it is difficult to say
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Question: My amh level is 0:6... Periods are regular. Is there any possibility to conceive naturally
Answer: Hello dear. A normal level is greater than 2, and this would correlate with normal fertility. Much like any other test processed in a lab, mistakes can be made and tests sometimes need to be performed twice to ensure reliability. Don`t let a low AMH take away your hope of having a family…there is still a reasonable chance that a pregnancy can occur. Some natural ways to raise AMH levels includes those suffering from a vitamin D deficiency were significantly more likely to suffer from a low AMH compared to those without vitamin D deficiency. Consult your doctor for a vitamin D supplement. Supplementing with DHEA is also showing a lot of promise for those with low AMH.  Please talk to your doctor about supplementing with DHEA as taking this on your own is not recommended. And finally a healthy and balanced diet plays a very important role. Hope it helps.
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Question: How to Increase AMH level. My AMH report is 1.14ng/ml. Is it ok to take DHEA supplimant s.
Answer: you might need to ask dr about vit e supplemnts as well, the values are low normal. i will advise to go for an iui or ivf now as with reducing amh values we need proper treatment. increasing amh will not be required if you are gettig periouds normal and on time.
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Question: My AMH level is 0.7 is there so how to increase my AMH level?
Answer: AMH is low, have good nutritious food daily, like greens,fruits, eggs etc.. You also require external supplements for this, so consult reproductive specialist. Considering your age and possibilities you can also opt for IUI.
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