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Question: Hii my age is 25 im waiting for pregnant 1 year but not conforming what can i do

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Answer: Hi! Deciding to try for a baby is exciting. To have a healthy baby there are few things which needs to be workrd upon, Firstly your health- Its not only the woman health but the mans health too is important for a healthy baby , you need to ensure it by sticking to a good diet, maintaining a healthy diet. There are few food which boosts fertility like milk, cheese, yogurt, fatty fish, whole grains, eggs and loads of water and cut down on coffee, alcohol, processes food. Secondly Intercourse- It plays major role in planning a baby, you need to get intimate on the most fertile days of yours which is at your ovulation time, which is generally 11-16 days after your first day of your last period. There are a range of therapies too which boosts the fertility in you. Keep yourself happy-healthy and without stress , enjoy a healthy conjugal life to welcome a healthy baby. You can consult Dr. too to rule out any underlying diseases. Good luck!
Answer: Hello dear.. please don't stress yourself dear because stress play an important role in conceiving If your periods are on right track, you can wait for couple of months,start tracking your ovulation date As your periods are regular,so that you can have intercourse at ovulation time,which occurs between 11-16 days,of next period which helps to conceive soon Drink plenty of water during ovulation period, it will increase your vaginal liquid which will helps to conceive Have buttermilk and fresh juices on ovulation period,helps in reducing body heat,will help you in conceiving soon Take iron rich foods like greens, vegetables,whole grain Daily eat groundnut Chikki it will helps a lot during TTC... Personally me did this and got results Keep your mind relaxed by hearing songs,gardening,reading books so that you won't get much tensed. If you are so tensed it is essential to consider gynecologist advise... Thank u.
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Question: Im trying pregnant for last one year, but im having irregular periods, what can do mam?
Answer: Don't worry dear Irregular periods are signal of hormonal imbalance.You can try Pregnancy yoga dear. It helps to maintain hormones and gives you pregnancy dear. Diet should be good dear. Please consult doctor for treatment dear as they get tests done and know exactly your situation. Good luck dear. Take care
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Question: My daughter is 1 year plus now but she is not start walking .what shall I do for it
Answer: Hi Do not worry...most babies start to walk from 14-18 months only..just make baby to support to walk with holding tour fingers or wall support thats enough..offer walker for baby so that baby ll try to step and come out of fear and start to walk independently gradually
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Question: My baby 1 year but his waite too lost so what can I do for
Answer: Hi! Dont worry about weight till the time your baby is active and meeting milestones, at 1 yr. he should hv 3 meals and a snack on a daily basis and all home made food, Since she is in her 12th month you can include more ghee, nuts, banana, sweet potato, pumpkin in his diet to increasw his weight but unless baby shows interest you wont see the change hence i wud suggest you please do not force or distract feed your child, it has a very bad effect in the appetite in long term. Respect the child hunger, he is having the qty he actually wants, hence no force feeding will work. Try and encourage self feeding, keep the well mashed food in front of him on a plate, you will see he is trying to put it inside the mouth. Try to feed him while he is playing with thd food you have offered. Thats how the interest will increase. Good luck!
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