36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my AFI is 7_8.....its too low..plz sisters tel me how to increase it..doc saz sgr mnge ni hua to norml delivery ni ho gi...m so worry..phly b mry micarge huy hain...

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Answer: drink lots of fluids... mine is 8.6 n doctor also said me the same. don't worry just think about baby... n forget about normal n c section.. all u want is a healthy n fit baby
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    Aparna sarkar1296 days ago

    Mera bhi Kam h 8.8 Pani pio bharpur tnsn Matlo

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Question: Hello my afi is too low just 6.5 what should i do ti increase it bcz according to doc n my ultrasound report s m just 34weeks pregnant n baby weight it's too low so she told me to take bed rest but i want to increase my afi plz tell me what should i eat or drink to increase it fast
Answer: Hi! Amniotic Fluid Index or AFI is considered to be normal at 8-18. Medium AFI level is approximately 14 from week 20-35. After that it keeps reducing and prepare for birth however if its 6.5 its less, please continue to have; Lots of fluids- tender coconut/buttermilk Cucumber/bottle gourd/ bed rest - all these help in afi increase. Your Doctor may prescribe soms sachet to havd with water, please be happy, stress is not going to help. Hope this helps!
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