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Question: My AFI is 22.7 and baby weight is 2.5 kgs. I have completed 34 weeks and as per the doctor the values are too high. Is there a risk to the baby?

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Answer: Hi. If you're diagnosed with polyhydramnios, your doctor will order a high-resolution ultrasound to check for abnormalities and some test for a genetic defect and infections. You'll also need to have regular nonstress testor ultrasounds for the rest of your pregnancy to monitor your baby's development. And you'll be watched closely for signs of preterm labor. There are chances of  gestational diabetes too so doctor will ask to go for diabeties test also.
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    Divya Gera118 days ago

    I have not been detected with gestation diabetes. Also, the anamoly scan at 20th week was absolutely normal

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Question: I am 34 weeks pregnant. My AFI is 22.7 and baby weight around 2.5 kgs. Is it too high and is there any risk on the baby?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes it is high abd your gynae may prescribe you medicine to lower the levels or to atleast maintain those so that normal delivery is possible. You may be feeling less movements of the baby due to high fluid levels. Hope it helps.
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Question: iam 32 weeks pregnant..as per growth scan my baby weight is 1325gms..and AFI is 10.8..weight and AFI values are too low according to 32 weeks..how to increase baby's weight and AFI ?
Answer: U should increase both...for baby have dairy products n protien fiber rich diet n for liquid hv lots of water coconut water shakes...n ask doctor to give u arg sachet...if needed
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Question: I am 36week pregnant in my liver function test sgpt sgot and alkaline phosphate values are high..what to do is there any risk for my baby?
Answer: Hello! Generally in such case the doctor waits till 37 weeks and once you are in 37th week might go for the delivery. This condition might effect the baby causing fetal distress, preterm delivery or still birth. Hence, make sure that you have plenty of water, and reduce oil, spicy food consumption. Anything which puts pressure on the liver is not good enough. Take care
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