15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My doctr advise me to take sifasi injection every week..is it necesary ??

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Answer: Dear sifasi is hormonal injection and it will help to prevent any complication during early pregnancy so please don't miss any dosage and take the injection strictly as prescribed by doctor...
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Question: My doc Advise me to take Hucog 5000 Iv injection 6 doses. Is it safe??
Answer: Hi,yes it is given to support the orevg by increasing the reqd hormones. You should take these as prescribed by your Dr.
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Question: sifasi 5000 injection once a week .. how's in pregnency
Answer: Sifasi 5000 contains HCG - this is the hormone that supports the baby in the initial months of pregnancy, until 12 - 14 weeks, when the placenta takes over this function.this is prescribed to provide proper support to the embryo..Daily 5 mg per day folic acid supplements are a must.Eat as much as you can... Drink plenty of water.... Take ample rest and don't stress your body.... Everything is alright.... Good wishes for new phase of life.... Enjoy the precious moment...
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Question: Doctr told me to take betnesol injection for 2days...im in my 35th week. Is it okay to hv tis injection??? Is there any side effects of taking tis dose??? Plz reply me
Answer: Hi dear first of all if you are doctor has given this injection to you you do not really need to worry about it because your doctor is handling the case and knows when to prescribed which medication now Button cell is basically a steroid injection which is given to mature the lung of the baby, if you have any other condition in your pregnancy are there are some complication then the doctor might administer this injection so that the baby's lungs get mature before delivery if it can be preterm.. Hope this helps!
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