35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My above naval part is getting black, why it is so? What is the reason?

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Answer: Hi Dear! skin darkening is very common in pregnancy and it happens due to melanin formation of on the skin, please don't worry this kind of page can be visible on any part of your body it can be enabled it can be on your face neck back etc. The color will be normal post birth.You can try fresh aloevera gel , potato peel ,lemon and honey, apply them to get a result faster. You can also try Papaya face mask. You can take 1/2 half cup of mashed papaya, 1/4 th cup of yogurt 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp of lemon juice, make a pack and apply a thick layer all over and wash it off after 30 mins. Hope this helps!
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Question: I'm 21weeks pregnant sometimes i'm getting pain above naval as skin is getting stretched.is it normal or anything serious?
Answer: Hello! Mild pain is normal. It typically occurs when the uterus expands, causing the ligaments and muscles that support it to stretch. It may be more noticeable when you sneeze, cough, or change positions. During the second trimester, a common cause of cramping is round ligamentpain. Try to sit, lie down or change positions. Soak in a warm bath. Try doing relaxation exercises. Place a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel on the ache. Make sure you get plenty of fluids. Take care
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Question: my baby is getting black day by day.....what the reason
Answer: Hello dear It is normal for newborn baby to change his color liitle bit. Newborn often look fair at birth but that was not their actual color. It can took upto 6 months and sometimes babies can change their color upto 1 yr too.
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Question: getting black color potty why is this so?
Answer: it's because of iron supplement dear. nothing to worry.
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