37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my 9th month has started from 15of November.. I have 3fibroids in anterior wall of uterus.. I feel too much tightness.. this is scaring me all the time

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Answer: Intramural fibroids grow within the muscularwall of your womb; these are the most common. Submucosal fibroids grow from the inner wall of your womb into the space inside your womb. Subserosal fibroids grow from the outside wall of your womb into your pelvic cavity. They can become very large.
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Question: 9th month started from today..n i feel too much pain in lower below belly..n.i feel less movement..why is this happen to me
Answer: its normal becoz 9th mnth baby was big and space is less so baby movement will be reduce and baby was ready to come out thats y they come lower side that y lower belly was feel heavy or pain but its over pain then u go hospital and consult the doc
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