36 weeks pregnant mother

My 9 month started so can I eat papaya or pineapple should I or not????

Papaya and pineapple produce heat to body it may cause pain so better not to eat
Gentle amount of papaya is recommended
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Question: it's my 7 month can I eat papaya or pineapple
Answer: Should not eat raw papaya and pineapple....both can lead to preterm labour.....better to avoid ripe papaya too
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Question: I m 7 month pregnent i want to know can i eat pineapple or papaya? Is it safe or not?
Answer: I am also 7month pregnant,,, yesterday my doctor suggested I can have any seasonal fruit including papaya , pineapple and mango...no harm
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Question: there are so many gossips that pregnant ladies should not eat papaya and pineapple please confirm
Answer: Yes, it is true that u should not eat papayas and pineapple during ur pregnancy inspite they are rich in vitamins cz they clear ur stomach and ractum. Which is harmful for clinging foetus.
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