31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 8th month started. And i have no leakage from breasts. Is it normal

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Answer: Hello, Leaking clear, creamy-white or yellowish discharge from your breasts is a sign that your body is prepping to breastfeed your baby. Colostrum is high in protein and contains antibodies that protect your baby against infection during his first few days in the real world.
Answer: Everyone won't b having the same indications....it's not necessary that u shud have leakage...so it is completely normal
Answer: Yes. It is normal dear
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Question: Still I have no leakage in my breasts?
Answer: Hi dear, Breast leaking is not a mandatory thing in pregnancy.it doesnot gaurentee good milk supply post delivery.so donot worry if you are not experienced any.i too had no such thing in my time,but had excellent milk supply post delivery.brwadtfed my daughter till 2 and half years.so ,there is no relation to milk supply post delivery to breast milk leakage during pregnancy...,
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Question: Still no leakage from my breasts?
Answer: Hie Don't worry for milk formation process begins right from week 14 of pregnancy you might not notice it but I'd is all happening inside you A few women experience leakage of milk during pregnancy while most experience it post labour In case of c section it may even take 2-3 days for milk to come down
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Question: Hello my 8th month is stat but no milk leakage from breasts . Is it okay?
Answer: Hi...Don't worry dear as every pregnant women don’t get leaky breasts during pregnancy. But, even if you don’t have leaking colostrum, it’s still being generated in your breasts. If you’d like, you can try gently squeezing your areola to see if you can express a few drops.
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