32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 8th month is running but sometimes I feel more pain n baby movements is so hard it's normal or not.

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Answer: Baby may be too active. Nothing to worry
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Question: my 8th week has started...n the frequency of baby movements is normal... but it's mild.. wanted to know if it's fine? cz one of my friends told she gets to feel hard movements.
Answer: Hello! Was the movements mild even befo, or lately it has become mild. It will be better to consult the doctor once
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Question: Hello, I am 24th week pregnant sometimes I feel baby movements and sometimes not feel. Is that normal or not?
Answer: Hi... It's normal dear... As sometimes baby is more active and sometimes lazy
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Question: hi my 26 week is running. sometimes i feel baby kicks but not so strong .
Answer: Hello During your last few weeks of ur pregnancy the movements felt are very few due to the less available space this is completely normal. There is also abdominal pain or tight feeling. Due to the pressure ur baby s putting on the surrounding muscles and organs. Eat light meals take walks be happy and stress free.
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Question: Hi all,Iam 35 weeks pregnant ,my question is sometimes i feel my baby movements but sometimes iam not feel...iam so much worried can i consult my gynecologist or is it normal..plz reply iam so much worried...TIA...
Answer: I do not worry it is going normal that at times you will feel strong baby movements where is on the other hand on some other days you will feel less baby movements therefore do not worry when you feel less baby movements you can try it is take some cold milk and take good rest by lying down towards the left the position this will help to improve the author feel more baby movements at nothing else then you should consult to the doctor feeling less baby movements is ok but if you stop feeling baby movements then please consult to that of the immediately
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