35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 8th month is going to be completed on 16th November, I m allergic to NSAIDS group medicine which includes paracetamol as well as all kinds of pain relief medicines. I m trying for Normal delivery how to have normal delivery

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Question: Hey i m in my 8th month of pregnancy and i have urine infection. I have eaten all kinds of medicine to cure it but Nothing works...
Answer: Hi dear! Urine infection is common in pregnancy but it needs to be treated and if you are getting urine infection which is reoccurring then it is definitely a point of concern and I think you need to report this to your doctor and when you say that you have had all the medicines but nothing helped I would suggest you to please talk to your doctor and start having Cranberry juice it is very good in treating UTI during pregnancy.. Hope this helps!
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Question: my 8th month is going on. I wanted to know some tips for normal delivery...
Answer: Eat healthy food Drink loads of water Do yoga Breathing exercises Moderate 30min walk... Self confidence...
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Question: There is very much pain in my ear so i m taking medicine as well as i m trying to convieve .. Can medicines effect my ovulution and chancr to concieve ?
Answer: Hello! Mostly medicine doesn't effect ovulation or chances of getting pregnant, specially the one for ear pain. Take care
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