8 months old baby

Question: My 8 months old baby's poop is light yellow and frothy .is it normal?he is passing poop after every feed,he is on solid and breastfed

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Answer: Hi dear, passing yellow poop is absolutely normal but frothy indicates acidity. Passing motion after every feed indicates that your baby is getting enough food but as it is frothy it means either your baby is unable digest milk products or you introduce some new food which your baby can digest. So you have to keep check on your babies recent diet. If needed consult doctor too. Hope It helps.
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    Sasmita Babu505 days ago

    How many times solid food should be fed?

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Question: Frothy watery yellow poop breastfed 5weeks baby, is it normal?
Answer: Hi! If baby has cold, mucus will come out as foam. Just watch for if it continues to happen and if it is accompanied with other issues, is the baby breastfed? How many pee counts? is the baby otherwise active? *My new born had frothy poop for about 2 months..my paed once said its because their digestive system is not mature enough it ll be alright with time. *Body heat can aldo cause it, try to feel your lo's fontanelle and if it feels hot you can apply coconut oil and gently massage without applying much pressure. *If the baby is breastfed you can have yogurt and pass the benefit as breastmilk its safe. Hope this helps!
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Question: 3 month old baby boy passing yellow colour foamy poop after every feeding... Is it normal?
Answer: It seems your baby is getting more fore milk than hind milk. While breastfeeding the low fat milk pale white in colour coming is fore milk.It will create gas problems in babies if baby get more fore milk.Hind milk is high fat content milk towards the end which is essential for baby.If you are having high breast milk secretion then your baby may be getting only fore milk.Express some milk before feeding .Then feed the baby .After feeding burp her for atleast 10 minutes
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Question: My 2.5month old baby yellow seedy poop after every feed is normal??
Answer: Hello dear, as long as baby is exclusively breastfeeding there is nothing to worry about baby poop . Its absolutely safe and normal..
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