8 months old baby

Question: My 8 month old baby falls down on his head so many times.can it create any damage to brain ??

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Answer: It is normal dear..if baby doesnt vomit and active as usual than nothing to worry..dont let him sleep after he fell..monitor his activity..
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Question: My daughter falls down from bed.Hit her head.Is she hav any brain damage?
Answer: If ur baby falls from bed, after she stops weeping..feed her milk..if she drinks it, then u don't have to worry..but if she vomits the milk for few hours..u need to consult the doctor.. Also see if there is any visible injury on the baby..
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Question: My baby mostly falls down and his back head hits floor. Is it create any problem?
Answer: same problem all over there , all are facing the same problem here if your baby is not doing any kinds of vomit or he is not feeling sleepy or your baby is not feeling any kinds of nausea then it's completely find you just try to give some ice cubes all give some cold water and pull it down over there from up to down wards, that will make your baby feel fine don't worry
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Question: My baby falls down on his head so many time. Can it be harmful for his head ??
Answer: Yes, it might be fatal if the fall is severe. It is better that you keep a eye on the baby for this.
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