7 months old baby

My 7months baby is pooping very tight. He is not at all drinking water. But passes urine freaquently. What is the reason mam?

Hi dear, Tight poop is the result of less intake of fluids in this case.give your baby plenty of fluids like plain warm water,soups,tender coconut,mosambi juice etc.if you have introduced a new solid food and think that could be causing constipation in your baby,try stopping it and observe the difference.you can start giving oatmeal to your baby.it has immense fibre and would definitely help your baby.giving fruits would also help in this case.mosambi juice as I mentioned earlier is very helpful in tight motions for baby.dilute it with water and offer it to your baby.nevwr give concentrated juices to your baby.always dilute it with water and give.
Give the baby Bonisan tonic to cure constipation. Give bbay fresh fruit juices, coconut water. Water is very important to keep the baby from dehydration and also cure constipation
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Question: My baby is not at all drinking beast milk what is the reason
Answer: Hi dear,  this is the common issue we face with infant I can suggest you tips, hope it will help.  Keeping feed times positive is important to help your baby keep a positive association with them. This can be hard to do as breast refusal can be very stressful. It’s easy to get quite upset and angry when trying to feed a baby who is refusing. Spending lots of time in skin-to-skin contact with your baby on your bare chest can help to remind your baby that this is a nurturing place to be. This could be on a bed or in a bath etc. Skin-to-skin contact can help your baby to use his instincts to find your breasts on his own. In this way, skin-to-skin contact can take the pressure off both of you. It’s like you’re saying to your baby ‘Well, there is your food, go get it if you want it.’ Similarly, placing your baby in a sling and leaving your bra undone so that his face is near your breast could help
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Question: I had tried all those things mam but he still constipated... By only inserting the suppositories he is pooping otherwise he is not pooping
Answer: Try hot milk with some drops of Desi ghee. Beat these drops completely in milk and give to ur child at night before sleeping. Try it, surely it will work
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Question: My baby pooping like water what is reason
Answer: Hello dear, watery motion is a sign of loose motion. Don't worry baby will be ok. U should know this all. Breastmilk contains antibiotics, which help to fight against bacterial or viral diarrhoea.  Do not try any other remedies for your newborn baby or if your baby is below 6 months of age.....You must take light-foods for your babies during this time because ur food can effect the baby during breastfeeding. You should take dahi, banana, coconut water as much as possible. Don't take spicy and hot nature food. And increase feeding quantity.  If can't control within 24 hours. Visit ur doctor.  Take care ur little one.....
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