6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 6th week is running now and I've very mild pain at my abdomen is it normal because I'm scared about ectopic pregnancy ???

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Answer: Yes... It's ok that you feel mild pain in abdomen.
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Question: My previous pregnancy was ectopic. And my left fallopian tube is block. Now I am 6 weeks pregnant.light lower abdomen pain is normal?? I am very scared about it. Pls help me.
Answer: Hi dear, I am extremely sorry about your loss .once an ectopic pregnancy happens,you need to be extra cautious in next pregnancy.so you must eat your transvaginal scan done as soon as possible.as now abdominal scan could be dicey.tvs would get you clear picture,of the implantation site.
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Question: I'm very scared because I can't feel any symptoms of pregnancy now I'm 12 week
Answer: Hello dear If you are 12 to 13 weeks pregnant but not feeling any symptom no need to worry. The reality is that all women respond to pregnancy differently. Some women feel pregnancy symptoms in their 1st trimester while some feel from 2nd trimester. On the other hand if your pregnancy has confirmed by a doctor and you are still not having symptoms, i will like to say that you are lucky because pregnancy symptoms give you trouble. At last don't worry about symptoms enjoy your precious time.
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Question: Hii, i am in 6th week of pregnancy, now my lower abdomen and back pain has stopped, is it normal.
Answer: Hi dear..every pregnancy is different..if your aches and discomfort has reduced...please feel happy about it..😃you will be able to concentrate better on your food and sleep which is beneficial for baby growth
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